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8 Marketing Tips to add new Customers in 2023

8 Marketing Tips to add new Customers in 2023

Keegan Eddie

November 9, 2022 at 1:45:00 a.m.

Building your brand//Marketing 101

Build Your Brand

Logo - design a strong logo that is a visual representation of how you want your company to be perceived. You can design one yourself for free on sites such as Canva or hire someone for reasonable rates on sites such as Fiverr .

Tagline - Create a message that clearly shows what your brand says about your business. Have a look here Jasper for some tips on writing one.

Social Media - A great way to connect with both current and new clients as well as other professionals. Grow your audience and client base. Show off your work and strengths with video, photos and informative articles. This is a great source of affordable marketing. Use a combination of free posts and paid advertising. Start with just a few sites i.e. Instagram and Facebook to learn the ropes. The sky is the limit! New and existing clients love to see your capabilities. Read hear Hootsuite Blog for a good introduction on how to get started using Instagram for business.

Marketing 101

Your Client List - Stay in touch. Send follow-up emails. Your clients are an invaluable source of information. What did they like about your work? What can you improve on? Are there other services they would like to see you offer? Can they refer you to any other potential clients. Consider using an email marketing automation provider such as Mailchimp . These services are inexpensive and help you maintain your email lists, provide survey capability, ensure you are not running afoul of anti spam legislation and even have great email templates you can use.

Website - You likely have one already. Make sure it is up to date and represents your branding. Consistent messaging across every platform is key. Include a call to action button on your website to have your clients sign up for your email lists, take advantage of promotions etc. Do you have effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site? Read here Semrush for some great info on what SEO is and how to maximize benefits.

Job Signs - You are proud of your work. Promote it! Make sure potential customers can see who you are and know how to contact you.

Google Listing - Get your free Google Business Profile listing. If you don’t have this you are dramatically reducing your visibility in Google searches.

Reviews - Happy customers = great reviews. Work hard on getting these reviews for Google, Yelp etc. When asking for reviews include links to your Google business listing, Facebook profile etc. to make it easy for your customers to engage.

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