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  • Hydraulic Hammer for Mini Excavator
  • Hydraulic Hammer on M1T Mini Excavator
  • Hydraulic Hammer for Mini Excavator
  • hydraulic hammer charge kit
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Hydraulic Hammer


Introducing the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Hammer with 1" Pin Size – a powerful and versatile attachment designed for small-scale construction, demolition, and excavation projects. Our top-quality hydraulic hammer comes with a comprehensive package, including hoses, a nitrogen bottle, and a nitrogen charging kit, ensuring you have everything you need to tackle even the toughest tasks with ease and efficiency.


Key Features:


1. Compact & Powerful: Our Mini Excavator Hydraulic Hammer is designed for use with mini excavators in the 2.5-4 ton weight class. The compact size makes it ideal for working in tight spaces, while the potent impact energy delivers the performance you need to break through concrete, asphalt, rocks, and other tough materials.


2. 1" Pin Size: The 1" pin size ensures compatibility with a wide range of mini excavators, making it a versatile addition to your equipment fleet. Its robust design and quality construction provide excellent durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.


3. Premium Hoses: The package includes top-grade hydraulic hoses designed to withstand high pressure and wear, ensuring uninterrupted operation and reduced downtime.


4. Nitrogen Bottle & Charging Kit: Our hydraulic hammer utilizes a nitrogen gas-assisted system, delivering consistent power and increasing overall efficiency. The package includes a nitrogen bottle and charging kit, allowing you to easily maintain optimal performance without the need for external services.


5. Low Maintenance: With fewer moving parts than traditional hammers, our hydraulic hammer requires less maintenance, minimizing downtime and lowering overall operating costs.


6. Noise & Vibration Reduction: The innovative design helps reduce noise and vibration levels, improving operator comfort and minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment.




- Demolition of concrete structures, foundations, and walls

- Trenching and excavation in compact or rocky soil

- Breaking up asphalt for road repair or expansion

- Quarrying and mining operations

- Landscaping, site preparation, and hardscaping projects


Invest in the Mini Excavator Hydraulic Hammer with 1" Pin Size, and experience the power, versatility, and convenience of a premium hydraulic hammer designed for today's demanding construction and demolition projects. Don't settle for less – equip your mini excavator with the best!

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    We stand behind the quality of our products with unyielding integrity. We understand that peace of mind is paramount when investing in equipment, which is why we offer a straightforward, hassle-free one-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

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    Custom Fitment for Attachments 

    Every attachment we sell can be custom-ordered to fit your specific machine by following a few simple steps. 

    1. Underneath the price on the product page, set the "Machine Fitment" to Custom.

    2. Measure the following in millimetres, use the diagram as required, 

    • Pin Diameter

    • Pin Centre to Centre​​

    • Arm Width​

    3. Record measurements in the corresponding field.

    4. Record your machine's make & model in the corresponding field. 

    5. Call us at 416-220-8550 if you have any questions. 

    6. Proceed to checkout and order your attachment. 

    Please note that custom-ordered buckets take about 8-10 weeks to ship from our Hamilton location. Depending on your specific machine, we may contact you to confirm fitment details. 

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